As soon as your broken media or experiencing data loss media reaches to us, we register it with unique follow-up number into our system as its serial number is taken as a basis.

After registration you will have a follow-up number via SMS. By this number you can follow your case on our website while process is going on.

Analyse process starts immediately once the media reaches to us!

Analyse for disks having mechanical problems: Analyse period changes according to our workload. Analyse is terminated maximum 1-2 work days (there may be exceptional situations, this period is valid for one media). The problem is understood without intervention while analysing, afterwards an offer is prepared considering know-how information, duration for data recovery process, equipment to be used for the operation, operations to be done. If you do not accept the offer, we do not start operation for recovery. Analyse is done without any harm to your disk and without enforcement.

If you accept the offer, the recovery operation starts, if you do not accept, you mechanical problem media is returned as the form it has arrived without any operation.

Our analyse is free of charge for the medias which has not been responded to the failure before reaching us. For the disks whose cover is opened before, we request a slight price for analyse. You may ask for this via e-mail ( or phone call (02164550323).

Analyse for disks having logical problems: we duplicate the media, which has experienced data loss, into one of our disks. Put aside your original media. We start scanning on this image disk. During analyse period we complete all this process with all details. For this reason analyse period for these cases changes 4 to 10 days depending on the size of the disk or scan type as the process also includes total operation.

Analyse is free of charge for disks having logical problem (sometimes if disk number rises analyse fee can be requested as the area for duplicating will increase too).