Are you having this problem for the first time!

Do not panic. Here our customer relations are waiting to help you. If you wish call us immediately (02164550323) or for emergency just call (05335817726). Our good-humoured and well informed staff is ready to help you.

Transport your media to us without any intervention. This is vital for us. The success for the medias which are interfered before will be lower and the pricing for data recovery will increase.

You may reach your media to us via cargo. Cargo payment is yours regardless of company.

Packaging conditions are vital for us. You must immobilize your media in the box and pack it so that it doesn’t get any damage, put FRAGILE tag on it. Afterwards you should send it our Headquarters Atasehir. You don’t need to send accessories belong to media (box, cable etc.) we do not need them during data recovery process.

You may place application form into the box by downloading it onto your computer and afterwards by printing it or you may fill the application form online from our website. After that you may directly send your media to us.

If you are nearby, we wish to host you in our office in order to meet and show our headquarters. We wish you offer coffee while registration of your media which is handled by yourself.