Our company is sector leader for 12 years and it is a laboratory constantly improving and cohesive to laws. Founded by foreign counterparts, our laboratory has certificated engineer staff. It is a group of professionals who have been working together since the foundation and knowledge, experience are kept in the boundaries of company. Data privacy is our first principle. Tens of precautions have been provided inside of the company.

We wish to mention them briefly;

  • A security record is taken at the entrance of company with camera and turnstile
  • The area where we accept the clients is observed 24 hours with security cameras.
  • In our laboratory totally Turkish, certificated, highly trained, experienced engineers work with privacy contracts with high penal sanctions.
  • Elevator drop to the laboratory is encoded.
  • Door entrance is with fingerprint reader. Inside of the laboratory the security cameras record 7/24.
  • A privacy contract is made with real people or legal people who wish to make contract.
  • There cannot be encountered even slightest data privacy violation for 12 years history of our company
  • Our adaptation period has been completed to Turkish Personal Data Protection Law and total adaptation is provided by INLAW Law Office.
  • We have passed ISO 9001 Certification period through SGS company inspection and we may declare that we are authorised to get the certificate.